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Internationale Handwerksmesse 2019
  • Lebenswelten der Zukunft


Schwere Reiter Str. 2a
80797 München
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AA Gold is a Zero Waste Fashion Lab based in Munich aiming to apply the approach of Zero Waste Design in the field of fashion and scale - up by using digital strategies.

Zero Waste has got the potential to combine sustainability and Design. In the production of garment
generally there is a loss of up to 20% of resources as fabric offcuts. The prevention of waste can be solved already in the process of design. Although Zero Waste Design follows the usual idea of garment production, its realization
entails specific challenges and requires new thinking.

This is exactly where we can help: AA Gold consults designers and companies to successfully adopt the principles of
Zero Waste Design and helps to create products in this spirit. AA Gold translates traditional pattern into a Zero Waste matrix. Within a holistic view AA Gold interlaces the application of Zero Waste Design
with the search for suitable materials and the arrangement of experts for production.

Furthermore designer should be qualified to apply the principles of Zero Waste fashion independently and integrate them easily in their design process. In the future this should be possible through a Zero Waste configurator, a digital tool for the development of Zero Waste fashion.